Dinner vs. Supper

The word “dinner” is normally used by Indians to refer to the meal that is eaten in the evening. Native speakers of English, on the other hand, use the word to refer to the main meal of the day. Some people have their main meal in the afternoon, while others have it in the evening. […]

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Aliens and Earth.

Alien, What first image come into your mind when you listen this word? let me tell you one gray oval face with big black eye and small nose with wired long and three fingers palms. But alien’s dictionary definition is who are from totally unknown place. When we think about Alien we think about waste […]

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iPhone X review – pros and cons

Here are some review pros and cons for most controversial phone till now calls iPhone X Pros : A great blend of handheld comfort and a big, gorgeous OLED screen. Rear telephoto camera out-shoots the 8 Plus in low light, and the front camera snaps impressive portrait selfies. Face ID generally works fine. Cons:  New interface […]

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World’s first fully electric cargo ship launched by China.

The world’s first 2,000-metric-ton all-electric cargo ship has been launched in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangzhou province. The ship, manufactured by the Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Ltd, represents a technological breakthrough as it is the first in the world to use lithium battery in a fully powered cargo vessel running in the inland section of […]

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